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Home accessories for any occasion from simple but chic everyday items to festive seasonal displays, our online store offers great ideas perfect for decorating any home. Adams & Co. appeals to a variety of decorating style when you buy a Homespice rug, you're buying from a family-owned business that guarantees your 100% satisfaction. Our rugs are manufactured ethically in comfortable, safe facilities, with the utmost attention to care and quality. Homespice Décor rugs are a natural fit for any room as each rug is so colorful. We offer beautiful and practical choices for outdoors, indoors, and wet areas, even in hard-to-fit sizes. Our design team constantly travels the globe to research new trends and color palettes. Our dyes and color selections are always fresh and rich, making us unparalleled to the rest. Our jute braided rugs and accessories have become our best selling line. These are inexpensive budget priced in comparison to our premium cotton or wool braids. Our Ultra-Durable product line includes our stain-proof, water-proof and washable braided olefin rugs. They don't stain, mold or mildew and can go indoors or outdoors. Wool braids are made from wool yarns. They are the most traditional of braids. The newest edition is our line of Ultra Wool rugs. These rugs are made from recycled material and are as soft as wool. In addition, our Ultra Wool is indoor/outdoor. 

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