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Wholesale Home Décor was previously known as Harvest Scents & Traders. The company changed hands in June 2012. Collectively, we have been a family owned business for over 15 years that works hard to offer quality products at reasonable prices, and most importantly, we strive to keep you, our customers, happy with quality services and products. Our products range from Florals (Candle Rings, Wreaths, Picks & Garlands) to Pip Berries & Mini Berry Trees to Light Strands to Tart Warmers, and on and on. It is with great pride that we bring you the products in this website. We have 6 main categories that have all the related products, (05) All New 2017, (09) All Spring & Everyday, (10) All Fall, (11) All Christmas & Holidays, (20) All Pip Berries - Mini Berries, and (40) Closeouts. The other categories break things down a bit more by Size, Type, & Season.

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