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Carrie and Mary create most of the designs at Ragon House. Designing 90% of their products themselves and licensing a few very talented artists to round out their line. “Even though it can be a huge challenge to create designs in this ever-changing industry, Carrie and I love what we do. We love to scour antique shows, sales, shops and flea markets for inspiration. We feel that it is truly “our job” to always bring a fresh and current spin to an old idea. We are told often that our line has a “different” look from all the rest, which we take as a true compliment, “said Mary. “I’m happy to say we have now entered our 17th year in business – it’s been a real roller coaster ride but we so appreciate our loyal customers who have ridden along beside us.” Mary continues, “we strive to continually improve our services and introduce a fresh product line to inspire our wonderful shop owners who continue on this journey with us.” When all is said and done, it is the small country businesses that are always so loyal and greatly contribute to the growth and success of Ragon House.

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Reorder:  $250.00

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