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Amish Tin Barn Stars - We offer a large selection of handcrafted, three dimensional, five point Amish tin stars. These barn stars are hand pressed by Amish farmers, out of old salvaged tin from roofs from barns and out-buildings. The tin is corrugated which gives the stars character. They have a primitive and rustic look, with old paint, wear, and some rusting. Because the stars are made by hand and from old materials, each will have variations in shading, peeling, small nail holes and wear then the ones shown. The stars are also non-returnable for these reasons. Stars are available in black, blue, dark green, sea moss green, mustard, barn red, rust and white. Not to be mistaken for imported stars from overseas. These are the wonderful, heavy quality handmade in the USA but are quite a bit higher priced though our customers tell us they sell through well since thier customers recognize the value. They come in 5 sizes. The measurements are taken across from point to point: 22", 29", 42", 48" and 64". The depth is 3" to 7" depending on the size of the star. Due to their handcrafted nature, the sizes are approximate and can vary by one inch on the bigger stars. There is a metal tab on the back so they can be hung on a wall. The 64" stars have holes on the tips of the stars so all 5 points can be attached to the wall. The 42", 48" and 64" stars are shipped unassembled, but are very easy to assemble. Nuts and bolts are included. Due to the size of the 29" and 64" stars, they are shipped at an oversized rate.

Minimum order: $50

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